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ImproveIt provides services and technology solutions to help you improve your software delivery

We are experts in Requirements and Application Lifecycle Management.

Through our long experince we quickly understand the issues our clients are facing and can help them improve their software delivery by combining leading technology solutions and expert services.

Our services, like assessments, workshops, consultation and tailored training can help you both become more effient quickly and improve your quality on the long term.

We offer leading technology critical solutions areas:

  • Requirements Development and Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Test Management and Automation

We partner with leading vendors offering best-of-breed and cost-efficient technology solutions helping you to better manage and automate these critical processes.


Since June 1, 2009 ImproveIt has been a reseller of Micro Focus / Borland products in Finland. Borland's world class software development products work across the entire Application Development Lifecycle to transform good software into great software. Key solutions include the following:

  • Atlas: A new aglie requirement product that creates a collaborative and responsive software delivery life-cycle with real-time delivery status across all Agile teams and tools. Atlas enables product teams to constantly stay in sync with agile teams so that organizations can better respond to the pressures from today's market demands.
  • Caliber: Combines best practices of requirements development and management with a solution that allows business requirements to be defined through scenarios and simulations but also provides robust management of those requirements throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Silk Central: A complete test management hub with modern web-based user interface, comprehensive integrations and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Silk Test: Regression and GUI testing for Windows, Java and web applications. Offers both visual testing for non-technical users and comprehensive scripting capabilities for developers.
  • Silk Performer: Easy to use and cost-effective performance and load testing solution. Wide protocol coverage with simple packaging. CloudBurst option allows deploying peak loads without managing complex infrastructures.
  • Silk for Mobile: Mobile functional testing on real devices with most complete platform support, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and HTML5.
  • StarTeam: Gives you complete control of your development environment by integrating version control, tasks, change requests and discussions. Enterprise Advantage version adds requirements and customizable workflows.
  • StarTeam Agile: Full agile project management including backlog management, sprint planning and trackming and metrics. Integrates with StarTeam and manages Agile assets with the StarTeam repository.

You can find more information about the above Borland products from their product website. Information in Finnish is available from our product page.


In 2010 we added to our offering the comprehensive requirements engineering solution Visure Requirements (formerly called IRQA). Visure Requirements is a flexible and complete requirements engineering lifecycle solution capable of streamlining your requirements processes, allowing more effective collaboration, and increasing quality. Through its comprehensive workflow, traceability, visual modeling, and reporting capabilities it has become a preferred solution in highly complex and regulated environments such as Finance & Banking, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, and Telecommunication.


Justinmind Prototyper is a prototyping and simulation tool that can be used stand-alone or integrated with Visure Requirements. When integrated the initial GUI requirements drafted in Visure Requirements are available in the prototyping tool. After the design and user feedback with the prototype, changed and new requirements are synchronized back to Visure Requirements.

Prototyper lets you build high-fidelity prototypes and simulations with rich interactions for web applications, mobile applications and desktop software. Validating functionalities with prototypes means benefits such as cost reductions, more streamlined delopment process and improved quality of the delivered application.


Plastic SCM is a top-notch Distributed Version Control System, offering capabilities such as fully distributed or central repositories, easy brancing and merging, flexible, easy-to-use GUI, highly scaleable architecture and various RDBMS options. The distribution and interoperability capabilities are similar as in the popular open-source system GIT, but Plastic includes a full-featured GUI and commercial support (optional with the free community edition for less than 15 users).

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Smartbear Collaborator is code and document review tool that easily adapts to every development workflow. Review user stories and requirements, review code, communicate across the team, and deliver quality software all from one interface.

Collaborator supports document review of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, as well as PDF files. Code review can be initiated dirctly from your favorite IDE and integrates with all popular version control systems. Free community edition is available for up to 10 users.

Reports and metrics are readily available and all reviews are archived so the solution is also well fitted for regulatory industries.

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